TecnolanSEPA 1.2

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    Windows 8/7/Vista/2003/XP/NT/2000/ME/98 SE/98/95

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    December 02, 2019

  • "Generates XML documents in SEPA format with .NET"

Increasingly, the SEPA system has a greater presence in society due to the convenience and security it provides in all payments issued. TecnolanSEPA allows you to maintain the characteristics of this format in any document created regardless of the scheme you choose.

The most common standards when making SEPA-type payment orders, such as ISO, are supported by this program so that the resulting XML meets the requirements of the documents and can be accepted in official entities.

Each XML-SEPA set is elaborated in a short period of time whether it is created from scratch manually or whether a special software is used for this purpose programmed with the sole purpose of generating such reports detailing all debts and the various outstanding payments.